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These are my top 5 choices for 2017

VMax Pulser 2
VMax Pulser 2
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Sonix Pulsation
Sonix Pulsation
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Vivo Vibe 460
Vivo Vibe 460
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Vibra Trim 500
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VMax Trio 2
VMax Trio 2
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And, the top 10 machines in 2017
Here are my top 10 picks for Vibration Machines in 2017. Picks are based on reliability function and overall great value.

(1) Sonix Pulsation
(2) VMax Pulser 2
(3) Vibra Trim VT-500
(4) VMax Trio 2
(5) Vivo Vibe 460
(6) HyperVibe G17
(7) Vibra Trim VT-400
(8) Power Vibe Zen Pro 6280
(9) DKN XG10 Pro
(10) Vibe Plate 24 inch by 40 inch aluminum

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