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Hyper Vibe Vibration Machines

Hyper Vibe G17

Hyper Vibe - The New G17


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The new standout features of this machine include:
A built in trainer program to walk you through your workouts very easily.
New quieter platform which give a smooth and effective workout.
Heavier construction. This new model weighs close to 175 lbs which eliminates most of the noise the previous model had and the slight shimmy you would get making it much quieter.

For some the power the machine puts out may be more than what you need but if you're looking for an intense workout this may be the machine for you.

This machine sells for $2,999. If one of your main goals is to use the machine to workout the Hypervibe on the high setting has great intensity. This is achieved by having a very strong motor along with a smaller then average platform size to stand on . In doing this the machine is able to create a stronger motion and achieve more intense workouts.

The only downside to this machine is that at the higher setting it can make a little noise. It tends to remain absolutely quiet up to around 18 hertz. After that, it makes some noise; but to get a machine that can put out 17 G's for less then $5,000.00 most people will overlook that one slight drawback. And just to be clear its very light and not a very loud machine at all.

The Hyper Vibe base is large and is heavy enough that at higher settings the walking across the floor syndrome you get form some smaller machines is not an issue.

Hyper Vibe G17 - Features and Specifications

  • Flush mount, rubber ovenmolded, steel platform, with Low. Medium. High marker positions
  • Color LCD screen with video playback
  • Live G force readings at corresponding Low, Medium, High platform markers (world first)
  • Intuitive controls via multi-functional multicolored backlit butto
  • Over 100 exercises and 30+ Goal based programs designed by expert WBV physical therapist Gabriel Ettenson
  • Platform Size (in): 21.1(w) by 13.2(d)
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Max user weight: 440 lbs
  • Size (in): 28.1(w) by 32.2(d) by 53.3(h)
  • G-force range: 0.4-17.3
  • Frequency range: 5-35Hz
  • Platform movement: pivotal
  • Amplitude: 7mm (peak to peak)
  • Warranty: 2 years

Hyper Vibe G17

Hyper Vibe G17

Hyper Vibe G17

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