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The Walking Machine

Some people like to buy a lighter machine with the hopes that when they travel they will take the machine with them. This is a huge mistake. One that could be very noisy and could ruin your floors! Most machines that weigh less than 100 lbs should only be used on carpets otherwise when turned up high they will do what is called walking where they will actually walk across your floor! This is noisy and depending on the legs under your machine could mark up your floors. Not a great idea. When choosing a machine for the house make sure the machine is well over 120 lbs. This will ensure that at higher speeds the unit will sit quietly on the floor and only the top platform you stand on will vibrate. When needing a portable machine for traveling I suggest getting a platform only model or if you feel you need handles on it a unit that has a foldable handle for traveling but in doing this you will usually be giving up some benefits that a larger unit can provide or you may be keeping all the benefits but may have to use the machine for two to three times as long to archive the same effects. If your needs for portability are not in traveling but just being able to move it from room to room then I strongly suggest getting unit that weighs 120 lbs or more and has wheels on it when tilted. This gives you the benefits of a heavier quiet machine capable of giving you all the health benefits in the shortest time and is simple to move from room to room. Most importantly it definitely will not damage the floors at high speeds.

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